What if the man who drove the nails into the hands of Christ were to visit your church or school next week? The story of Julius will take your worshipers, staff, and students from the foot of the cross to the dungeons of Rome in an extraordinary experience they will never forget.

Julius, spoken of in Acts 27:1 (When it was decided that we would sail for Italy, Paul and some other prisoners were handed over to a centurion named Julius, who belonged to the Imperial Regiment.) has deserted his post in Rome after spending several years guarding and learning from St. Paul.

His story is filled with passion, intrigue, shame, and forgiveness. Listen to what some have said:


Julius on beach

“I was very impressed with the portrayal of the Centurion. It was like I was there and that what Julius did was form and my many sins.”


“Jim Likens' presented a very spellbinding portrayal of the soldier who drove the nails into Jesus' feet and hands. Everyone was listening so intently---you could virtually hear a "pin drop".
Relating this beautiful but painful story from this first person perspective left me with a deep appreciation of God's love for me and those who believe in Him.”


“Julius, as he came down the center isle of our Church on Sunday morning, captured everyone's attention. From that moment on, he presented himself as a very real participant in Jesus’ trial and crucifixion on the cross. There wasn't a baby crying or a child speaking during this special sermon presentation.”


“Jim Likens takes the art of language, combines it with the art of action, movement, costume, and music and presents the salvation story in a powerful and compelling way. The Law is proclaimed with all of its crushing force and the sweet, liberating Gospel revives and resuscitates! Young and old are transfixed from beginning to end and the saving message of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, rings clear. Jim’s professionalism and courtesy, before, during, and after his message, also set this pastor’s heart at ease.”


Rev. James Likens, Saint Louis, MO, wants to share
this Centurion’s story with your church or school.
Dates are limited.

For more information call him at
314-308-5203 today.

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