An Experience you
will never forget.

Operation Outreach: TAKEN AWAY
Rev. James Likens, Executive Director
5425 Lindenwood
St. Louis, MO 63109  314-308-5203

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nail     He forgave us all our sins... having canceled the written code (Law}… he TOOK IT AWAY, nailing it to the cross. (Gospel)  Col. 2:13-14

“Operation Outreach: TAKEN AWAY” is not just a program, it is an experience.  This new ministry seeks to bring to the hearts of people a true understanding of what it means to be forgiven by a loving God, one who does not judge based upon behavior, whether good or bad, but who has already judged His only begotten Son, and placed on Him the sins of the world.

The Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, speaker of the Lutheran Hour observed: “One cannot view this profound presentation without being changed. You will not come away the same person you were when you entered.”

The Rev. Dr. David Stechholz, President of the English District, LCMS, recently said, “The Rev. James Likens gave a spectacular performance of the Roman centurion Julius at the May English District Professional Church workers conference in Detroit. His presentation touched the hearts of all who were present for it touched the hearts with such a great expression of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

You’re invited to watch a sample of the DVD that was video taped at Lutheran Hour Ministries on Maundy Thursday, 2009.  



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